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Tank 3:13 gallon
Tank 2:55 gallon colony tank
Aulonocara baenschi colony tank
x9 Female
x2 Male
Tank 1:40 gallon planted DIY co2
x1 Angel
x3 Goyder River Rainbows
x9 Rummynose tetra
x1 Golden Ram
x7 Corydoras trilineatus
x1 Corydoras panda(saved from dropsy)
x1 Neon Orange Cory (free)
x1 Peppermint BN
About Me:I'm 17 i've been in the hobby since oct. 2004.. when i got my first tank for my birthday.. since then i have devaloped a better knowledge of fish keeping and am loving every bit of it.. i currently work at a aquarium selling tropical, cold water and marine fish, cleaning tanks etc.. and also looking after the reptiles..


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