Brachyplatystoma tigrinum

Common Names: Tigrinus Catfish
Zebra Shovelnose
Family: Pimelodidae
Category: Catfish_Bottom_Feeders
Distribution: America - South; Amazon River Basin
Main Ecosystem: River; This fish actually likes fast-moving water and will react badly to low oxygenation.
Temperament: Predatory; Predatory
Diet: Carnivore; Carnivore
Care: The Tigrinus can be somewhat delicate. They do not tolerate high nitrates especially well and may stop feeding because of such conditions, so regular water changes will help avoid such complications. Also, these fish respond badly to low amounts of oxygen, so proper aeration and current should be provided for these fish.
These fish should not be overfed, which can lead to death.
5.5 - 7
22°C - 26°C
72°F - 79°F
7 dH - 12 dH
Potential Size: Male: 60cm (23.6")
Female: 60cm (23.6")
Water Region: Bottom; Bottom
Activity: Nocturnal; Nocturnal
Gender: Unknown.
Breeding: These fish have yet to be bred in captivity.
Main Colours: Black, White
Markings: Striped Vertical
Mouth: Normal
Tail: Forked
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