Possible Compatible Species for Glossolepis incisus

Note: This is a rule based search which makes certain assumptions based on characteristics including size, temperament, temperature and pH. As with all advice, please use common sense before combining any two species.

 Scientific NameCommon NamesSynonymsFamily
 Archocentrus spinosissimusSpiney Cichlid
Spinner Cichlid
Spinos Cichlid
Cichlasoma immaculata
Cichlasoma spinosissimum immaculata
Cichlasoma spinosissimus
Heros spinosissimus
Thorichthys helleriHeller's CichlidAstronotus helleri
Cichlasoma champotone
Cichlasoma champotonis
Cichlasoma helleri
Herichthys helleri
Heros helleri
Cryptoheros nanoluteusYellow ConvictArchocentrus nanoluteus
Cichlasoma nanoluteus
Heros nanoluteus
Glossolepis incisusIrian Jaya Rainbowfish
Red Rainbowfish
Salmon Red Rainbowfish
Thorichthys meekiFiremouth CichlidCichlasoma hyorhynchum
Cichlasoma meeki
Herichthys meeki
Heros meeki
Thorichthys helleri meeki
Thorichthys meeki