Neoglyphidodon nigroris
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Neoglyphidodon nigroris

Common Names: Behns damselfish
Blackmouth Bicolor Chromis
Blackmouth Chromis
Blackmouth Damselfish
Synonyms: Glyphisodon nigroris
Paraglyphidodon nigroris
Family: Pomacentridae
Category: Damselfish
Distribution: Indo Pacific; Indo-West Pacific.
Main Ecosystem: Reef; Reef
Temperament: Aggressive; This fish becomes extremely agressive as it matures.
Diet: Ominvore; Ominvore
Care: Diet should consist of a variety of meaty foods, frozen preparations, and some vegetable matter. The Blackmouth Bicolor Chromis is a very hardy fish, it can handle the flucuations of an early tank, although it's agressiveness limits future tank-mates.
8.1 - 8.4
22°C - 26°C
72°F - 79°F
Specific Gravity:
1.02 - 1.025
Potential Size: Male: 5cm (2")
Female: 5cm (2")
Water Region: Middle; Middle
Activity: Diurnal; Diurnal
Main Colours: Yellow, Black, Brown
Markings: Striped Horizontal
Mouth: Normal
Tail: Forked
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