Glossolepis incisus
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Glossolepis incisus

Common Names: Irian Jaya Rainbowfish
Red Rainbowfish
Salmon Red Rainbowfish
Family: Melanotaeniidae
Category: Rainbowfish
Distribution: Asia; New Guinea; endemic to Lake Sentani in Irian Jaya, Indonesia.
Main Ecosystem: Lake; Lake
Temperament: Schooling; The tank should be well-planted with open swimming areas. An active, schooling fish suggested for a community tank. Keep in groups of at least five fish, single fish do poorly. Combine with peaceful, small to large companions.
Diet: Ominvore; Ominvore
Care: Live; insect larvae, crustaceans, worms, insects; flakes; frozen; bloodwooms, shrimp This fish is somewhat sensitive to water conditions.
7 - 8
22°C - 27°C
72°F - 81°F
9 dH - 19 dH
Potential Size: Male: 12cm (4.7")
Female: 12cm (4.7")
Water Region: Middle, Surface; Middle-Surface
Activity: Diurnal; Diurnal
Gender: Males are bright red to copper in color, occasionally have silver upperparts. The fins are also red. Females are silver to yellow-brown in color.

Comments: Do well with other rainbows.
Main Colours: Red
Markings: No Markings
Mouth: Normal
Tail: Forked
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